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Naish Mana Softtop 10'x32"

Price: $795.00 USD
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The Naish Mana Softtop is a board which is an all round SUP.  So if you want to take a tour on the flat water or ride the waves, the Mana can do it.  The full soft material deck makes it very forgiving to the knees when climbing back on board, or kneeling while paddling.  The board has good maneuverability, glide tracking and stability.  The hard density rails plus the nose and tail bumper offer extra protection to the board and the paddle.

This board does have cosmetic wear and tear and fading, however if you want to save a good chunk of change this is a great option.  


+ Countersunk Carry Handle
+ Full Soft Deck
+ Sold without fins
+ Hard Density Rails 

+ Nose and Tail Bumper

+ Leash Plug