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Naish Nalu 11'4 x 30"
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Naish Nalu 11'6 x 29 3/4"

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Price: $1550.00 USD
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Naish Nalu 11'6

Length:      11'6"
Width:       29 3/4"
Thickness:  5 1/2"
Volume:     231L

An excellent all round standup paddle board for heavier riders or those looking for extra stability in a board.  Full body longboard design with added stability for everything from entry level paddling, flatwater cruising, and fun surfing.  The Nalu offers excellent glide and tracking therefore, making it great for covering longer distances,  easy to catch fast moving waves or to be used on down wind runs.  

The Nalu is 5 1/2 thick with full rounded rails and a timeless longboard rocker line. This design provides amazing stability for a phenomenally wide range of use. The 11f6 performance characteristics makes it the perfect one-board choice for the whole family.  Ideal for riders up to 250 lb (114 kg)

The Naish Nalu 11'6 is offered in 3 construction types ie Sport, GS and GT (Wood/Carbon)
Sport Model 11'6 is a price point version where you get the GS construction with a basic finish and deck pad.
The Nalu 11'6 GS ffeatures a glass construction with wood reinforcement in the stance area so to offer a light,strong, and stiff board.  
The Nalu 116″ GT features a (GT) wood construction with molded EPS core, wood sandwich deck and bottom laminate and a full carbon bottom.

- The single piece EVA pad, featuring diamond grooving offers exception traction. 
- The "ledge" carry handle is a specially designed carry handle which makes carrying the board even easier.

For more information see www.naishsurfing.com