Ezzy Wave 3.7m

Ezzy Wave 3.7m

Was: $730.00 USD
Now: $495.00 USD
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The sail of choice for Josh Angulo. With Ezzy Sails every year is an evolution from the year before and quite often it is hard to spot the visual differences. 


- extremely wide wind range 
- less back hand pressure
- extra strong construction
- removable tack pulley
- 5 batten


The main sail panels are made of ultra durable Spectra X-film with extra strength in the foot panel. The clear vinylwindow is tear and scratch resistance. A weft-stop sleeve cloth is used to resist tears from broken masts.

Size Luff  Boom     Suggested Mast Battens

3.7 363 147-151 370/27/17 5